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What if we could create an edible menu using unique pigments created out from one of the most talented chefs working in Melia Hotels and Resorts? The main goal of this action was to suprise our guests in christmas with something that they didn’t expect. More than a food an experience to feel the real implication, passion and care that Meliá puts in every detail for you turnning the experience to spend time in a hotel in a true experience full of soul.

That was our view of the action, a making of to cover a Little bit the process. The creation of the menú and some of the thoughts of the chef facing a process of creation with the only goal to suprise everyone.

The place where things have soul

Meliá is taking a lot of time and resources to make guests feel the spannish touch. That means warmth and welcoming from all the people working in the Hotels. That was translated to all the comunication and all the products that they offer. As a part of this mindset, Meliá is putting a lot of passion and special details in everything. This action was specially aimed to highlight the kitchen and the special passion and dedication they put in everything they do.

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