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    Tiempo BBDO Barcelona
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    Fabada Litoral
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    Edit, Gradding, Sound design
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    Online social set IG & Facebook channels

Fabada litoral has a traditional set of products in cans, every day food as it was made at home. But new generations, specially young people don’t connect with this kind of traditional products so Tiempo BBDO turned “la abuela de Litoral” the Litoral’s grandma’ an old iconic character of the band into a millennial icon, making her influencer, blogger, youtuber and so on. A really fresh campaign we were really proud to take part of.

In this particular case we developed a set of three pieces where Litoral's grandma give back some of the traditional knowledge on how to prepare the true real spannish food using in her particular way, some of the millennial codes.


In this piece Litoral's grandma is taking us through the journey to create the best Fabada Asturiana. This is a traditional dish from the north. Strong, overwhelming, made from the best chorizo and beans.

This recipe is the most iconic product of the brand, tasty, and part of the latest two generations. The trick is that everything is cooked in the can with a very high quality ingredients that makes this canned product suprisingly good.


Cocido Madrileño is probably the most traditional and famous dish from Madrid, the capital of Spain. This is, again, a very strong and long digestion recipe made from the belly and the best chickpeas from Andalucía. This dish is cooked over hours and hours until it blends in one of the most amazing flavours of our country.


This are not regular lentils. This are lentils from "la Rioja" and they are cooked in the most lovely way you can find in this amazing region of the Spain. This dish takes hours, and a lot of care and dedication. Turns out to be one of the most traditional and tasty flavours of our traditional cuisine. Again, the magic trick is to use the very best ingredients so you can find a true taste in this canned product.

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